Congratulations on deciding to take a step in your life long adventure with God! We are so excited to come alongside you as you move forward on your spiritual journey towards a life of freedom and fulfillment.

New Members

Faith Fellowship is a family committed to
Growing in Faith + Growing in Fellowship

Make it official! Join the Faith Fellowship Foursquare Family by becoming a signed member! This brief video gives you the history of our church and what it means to be a signed member.

Starting Point

Join us on a brief journey to Discover Faith Fellowship, where you will learn the ins & outs of our church organization and culture that makes up who we are!

You will also Discover You! In this class, you will discover all of the spiritual gifts that God has placed inside of you, and how you've been uniquely made to be a blessing to God and others! You will also have the opportunity to join a Serve Team,
our volunteer family!


Rooted and grounded in God's Word. Feet firmly planted on the truth. Confident in what we believe, why we believe it and, most importantly, why it matters. Foundations, a brief 5-part eCourse, is a step by step approach to understanding the essentials of what it means to be a follower of Christ.

Faith Life
Growth & Development

Take your journey to the next level. This series of classes is valuable for every believer, no matter where you are in your spiritual growth journey.

These classes are designed to equip and train the People of God to understand who they are in Christ Jesus, to empower them to walk victoriously as Children of the Most High God and to mobilize them to change the world with the power of the Gospel.

Leadership Course

Whether you are a leader in the church, in the workplace, or in your home...we got you covered! Check back often as we add to our Leadership Development Library periodically.